Stephan Maximilian Huber


The image shows a cluster of delicate white flowers surrounded by large, dark leaves, all captured in black and white.

Bobbie Serrano #photography

The black and white photo depicts a concrete building and stairway covered in various graffiti and street art, set against a cloudy sky.

Hypno 80 #photography

Black and white photo of a wall covered with various graffiti tags and stickers.

Disco-Burger #photography

The black and white photograph captures a street scene with a tree in the foreground, a building with a "Disco Burger" sign and outdoor seating, and a few pedestrians walking by.

Paradise Lost #photography

An outdoor scene of a white, multi-story building with a rustic appearance, featuring a staircase leading up to the building, balconies with railings, a potted plant, a bicycle parked against the railing, and various signs and wires adorning the facade.

Tiles #photography

A black and white, patterned tiled floor with a geometric design consisting of hexagons and parallelograms.

#flowers #photography

A vibrant bougainvillea plant with clusters of bright pink flowers is set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky and a stone wall.

Feminis-muss #photography

A city intersection features a prominently graffitied building and modern street lamps, captured in a black-and-white photograph that highlights urban architecture and street elements.


A peaceful rural scene with a broad expanse of water and dry grasses under a wide sky, viewed from a road, featuring a small group of birds on the water.

At the river #photography

The image depicts people scattered along a wide, flat shore with shallow water, featuring large electricity pylons in the background under a clear sky, rendered in black and white.

Reeds #photography

A black and white photograph showing tall reeds silhouetted against a sky with clouds, viewed from a low angle near the water's surface.

#windy #photography

A flag is flying against a clear blue sky scattered with a few white clouds.


A tranquil forest scene with sunlight filtering through the leafless branches of tall trees, highlighting the underbrush and a ground covered with fallen leaves or small plants.

Outlook #photography

The image shows a black and white scene of two adults observing another person by the ocean on a smoke-free beach, with a clear sky and distant structures on the horizon.

The beginning of an end. RIP Sternbrücke #photography

Eine nächtliche Straßenszene mit einem teilweise abgerissenen Gebäude, umgeben von Bauzäunen und einem Bagger, während ein Auto mit verschwommenen Lichtern vorbeifährt.

Searching #photography

The image shows a person in a red jacket walking near the shoreline, seen through a foreground of wild, tall grass under a clear blue sky.

At the sea #photography

The baltic sea with some random people walking at the beach

Hilde Wizel #photography

Walls with graffiti in Hamburg

Deutsche Post Punk #photography

Graffity on the wall, a german mail office in the background

#oz #photography #hamburg

A wall with some tags, especially „oz“

Antifa #photography

Under the bridge, with some graffities on the wall,  lack and white

180 #photography

180 sprayed onto a building



Starting to #snow #photography

Cloudy heaven with some buildings

Harsh contrasts #photography

Children playing at the river, surrounded by ice and snow